Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finnish Labour Temple dressing room

An old black and white photo of actors prepping in the dressing room in the Finnish Labour Temple in Port Arthur, Ontario. The hall is now called the Finlandia Club and the city is now called Thunder Bay. I found this photo attached to a story about Childhood Memories (written by anonymous). As I was recently in the dressing room with the other members of the Northern Flikat drama troupe, getting ready for our play "The Old Woman and the Barefoot Maiden," I found this photo an interesting reflection on what the backstage dressing room used to look like.

The room is still there, except it is used as a board meeting room. Rather than this quaint round table with mirrors, there is a standard board room table, long and rectangular. That wooden cabinet in the corner is not there; there is a steel filing cabinet instead. The wooden closet doors running along the back of the room (seen in the right of the photo) are still there, full of junk.

I did not take a photo while we were scurrying around in the dressing room before our play, but here's a photo I found on the Finlandia Neighbourhood site, taken by TML:
photo 2009Copyright@TML