Thursday, November 8, 2007

what a difference a day makes....

Yesterday it began to snow --

seriously, that is. There have been a few flakes in the air--ushered in on Hallowe'en--but yesterday the snow came in with a slam.

By yesterday afternoon all streets were a slippery danger zone.

"NO ONE should go out with the car today!" shouted my daughter as soon as she came in through the door, back from school.

Later, my husband came home with cold hands because "SOMEONE took the snow scraper out of the car and never returned it!"

This morning on my walk, my neighbour and I saw that yes, indeed, the roads had been very treacherous--someone's car tire marks left the road halfway down Dawson St. hill and veered into the front (what used to be) flower garden of a house at the bottom of the hill. Drove right over the bedraggled bed of flowers past their prime.

Oh dear. That didn't look like it had been fun.

These 2 photos were taken this morning less than 15 minutes apart. I snapped the first photo from the overpass, the second photo from in front of the train station.

We stopped to admire the birch tree--actually, the tree thrust its yellow arms before our eyes. All the other birch trees in the stand are stripped of their leaves. Every golden one dropped to the ground and well on its way to decay. But not this golden lady. She's still resplendent in her foliage.

It's her proximity to water. She thrives by it. Can't live without it. Perhaps having her roots so close to the water, weaving underneath the shore, she's able to persist long past the due date.

What a difference the water makes....


Silvia said...

Hm...just typed another comment but lost it all when I had to create a google account (which I didn't have but needed) in order to be able to respond to you... Can you tell, I am not very computery

I like your blog very much, love the pictures (especially the rose one). I will read the Blue gold one later (it is a bit longer...)

Thanks for sharing your blog with me and I have now added it to my "favourits". I will not be able to check it often and keep up with your new discoveries.

Gotta go now but before I do...please put back in the car the ice scraper...LOL

Dianna said...

I too lost my comment when I created my account. Glad you love the "Golden Lady". She deserves the recognition. Yes, we can learn from her. You are an outstanding writer!