Wednesday, April 8, 2009

car door mirrors

photo by Ayla Hibri.
I came across this interesting photoblog the other day called Chasing Lola. It belongs to Ayla Hibri, who takes photos of Lebanon and Berlin, Germany (I think). There are very few captions. The photos are of people, places, and everyday mundane life, but from her own particular vision. Her portraits are very compelling and she captures her subjects in a way that seems to let out a bit of who they really are. Among her many interesting photos, the one above, I couldn't quite figure out what this door was covered in. Was it stones? Turquoise stones? Some sort of mosaic? I called my husband to read the sign on the door. What does it say? I asked. He says it has something to do with a business that concerns itself with car door mirrors.

Is that was is covering this door? Broken car door mirrors?


Merche Pallarés said...

Very interesting pictures, indeed. I enjoyed her photo blog. The door does seem to be made from side-door mirrors... How imaginative! Hugs, M.

Door mirrors said...

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