Monday, August 10, 2009

Canadian Sportfishing goes to the Israeli government of occupation


what does sportfishing in Canada have to do with the Israeli government of occupation? that's what I asked myself today.

I popped the tv on for a bit of respite after coming home from bicyling to the gym to do some weight training. I made a cup of Peace Coffee and a nice argula sandwich with Finnish Valio cheese on rye bread from Star Bakery, picking the arugula fresh from my back garden. I made a bowl of fresh fruit salad with peaches, bananas, and fresh raspberries from my back garden. I just wanted to sit and enjoy my breakfast....and did not expect to get angered from watching a show about fishing! Fishing! So, what could a girl do? I got up, opened my computer and sent off a comment (and email) to Italo of Canadian Sportfishing. The comment is waiting moderation; who knows? it may not get past the moderator of Italo's blog. Dear readers, find what I wrote below:

Hello Italo,

I watch your show Canadian Sportfishing on occasion because I enjoy watching it for entertainment, for relaxation and because I like fishing and like to pick up new ideas.

What I didn't expect was to feel upset, shocked, and outraged from watching a fishing show on tv.

Your recent show on TSN on Canadian sport fishing in the state of Israel came on and made me thoroughly well as angered. Are we watching a show on Canadian sport fishing or are we watching propaganda for the Israeli government of occupation? Is Canadian Sportfishing playing partisan politics? I thought your show was about FISHING, mostly fishing in North America. What does normalizing the state of Israel and helping to neutralize its image and reality of military aggression have to do with a Canadian sport fishing show? Who funded this program and your trip there? Is it part of the Israeli government's PR attempt to change the negative image that Israel holds in the eyes of the world? Was it paid for by your Zionist friends and supporters? Is Canadian Sportfishing reduced to pandering to foreign states with a record of non-compliance with the Geneva Convention and with human rights abuses, including war crimes?

What other countries will Canadian Sportfishing go to in order to help nullify their governments' bad reputations with human rights?

I am shocked that fishing has become partisan politics. Shame on you. Did you forget that the land and the waters are Palestinian? The much of the land and the waters and places, such as Jerusalem, are occupied territories? Stolen by the state of Israel in 1967? Jerusalem is Palestinian. Where was your recognition of the Palestinian people?

I am dismayed and shocked about your show's blatant ignorance of the contested politics of Israel / Palestine, and its support for the state of Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people who continue to suffer. Many Palestinians are not even allowed access to water never mind fishing! The people of Gaza are STARVING because of a blockade that does not allow food in. Yet you dangle fish from the Red Sea as a fun hobby and past time to take up. Did you forget to mention that in your "sport fishing" episode in Israel? that Palestinians are excluded from this?

I am shocked about your show's support for the state of Israel, and won't be watching it anymore, nor recommeding it to my friends and contacts. Indeed, I will let them know about your pro-Israeli stance.


marja-leena said...

Wow, you are right in being upset. Wonder if you'll get a reply

Merche Pallarés said...

My, my, my... How propaganda spreads... I don't think they'll publish your comment. I'm really aghast at what Canada has become! All freedom-lover Canadians should vote that neo-con government OUT!! Because, really, the country is becoming (or, has become already) a branch of the Israeli Government! How sad. Hugs, M.

Merche Pallarés said...

By the way, I liked your breakfast with all that fresh fruit picked from your garden!! And the picture is awesome... Hugs again, M.

Merche Pallarés said...

I meant to say "freedom-loving Canadians" Sometimes my English is a bit rusty... Sorry. Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...

To their credit, the Canadian Sportsfishing folks paid attention to my comment, as I received 2 emails from them as well as on his blog, Italo posted a few sentences of my comment. Unfortunately, he took out all the meat and potatoes -- or should I say fish and falafel? But I guess that is his perogative as the owner of that blog; he is free to delete and edit however he wishes. So, given that my critical comments are missing, my comment does not have any 'back up' and I provided quite a bit. His reply continues to skirt the issue.

I will write more when I get a minute, but I've been busy with out-of-town guests.