Sunday, November 15, 2009

a warrior woman, empowered

I did not get out last night to go listen to Suzie Vinnick. I worked instead on upcoming courses til late. Although I was not able to go out last night, I did, however, manage to run off this afternoon to Warrior Workout Kundalini Yoga. Besides my long walks, yoga is one way that I keep a sense of balance in an otherwise hectic life. It was held at the Resting Frog Yoga Studio, which is within walking distance from my home. Although I mainly practice a hybrid Hatha yoga, I was interested to try kundalini yoga. The kriya (the precise sequence of postures) of the warrior workout kundalini was facilitated by Paula. She led us through a challenging, but empowering session. While it was tough (the frog asana should be repeated 108x!), it was also cleansing and rejuvenating when done. One of the benefits of Kundalini is the cleansing of toxins and the massaging of internal organs. Breath of fire, suspension of breath, and the repetition of specific challenging asanas (postures), as well as the rapidity of movements were all part of the warrior workout. I first came across kundalini in the book A Woman's Book of Yoga, and Warrior is one of my favorite songs by The Wyrd Sisters. Kundalini plus warrior plus woman is a powerful combination. A warrior woman, empowered, can be an impressive sight. Who knows behind whose eyes she looks out?

The preface from the Woman's Book of Yoga states:

"Women are the embodiment of creative energy. Intuitively we know this....Kundalini Yoga can bring to each woman a deep sense of her original royalty, nobility, health, happiness, and identity...."

Of course, getting there takes a lot of work, effort and persistence!


Merche Pallarés said...

I'm amazed at all the things you do!! When do you find the time?? What with your classes, walks through the forests, gardening, bird-watching, fighting for the First Nation people and other causes, going to the USA, blogging...and, now, Yoga!!! You must be a bundle of energy, my dear! Congratulations. Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...

I'm just like that. Yoga keeps me calm. As do my walks.