Monday, March 15, 2010

my friends, my name

The caption for this photo reads: my friends were killed while playing. I found this image on the Independent Jewish Voices of Canada website.

I was heartened to read that Jewish Canadians have spoken out in favour of the quashing of the federal motion that, like the provincial motion that did pass, was seeking to stop the use of the term apartheid in connection to Israel. From the Independent Jewish Voices of Canada website:

Progressive Jews Welcome Defeat of Motion Condemning Israeli Apartheid Week

OTTAWA, March 12 /CNW Telbec/ - Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), a national network of Jewish human-rights activists, welcomes yesterday's defeat of MP Tim Uppal's House of Commons motion condemning Israeli Apartheid Week.

"This shows courage to stand up to the Orwellian attempts by Israel's supporters to bully Israel's critics into silence," said IJV spokesperson Sid Shniad. "Apartheid", the term Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak and former prime minister Olmert used to describe the occupation's effects, shouldn't be controversial.

"Whether or not you agree with the term 'apartheid', all Canadians should defend free speech and oppose limiting debate, especially considering these terms are part of the Israel mainstream debate," said Shniad.

IJV also commends Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath for her statement calling a similar provincial motion by MPP Peter Shurman "divisive by nature" and calls for the Ontario legislature to reject such motions in the future."

Founded in 2008, IJV-Canada is a large national organization of Jewish activists committed to social justice and universal human rights.

the caption of this photo reads: my name is Rachel Corrie. It's a theatrical play based on Rachel Corrie's emails

Tuesday, March 16 marks the 7th anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death. Find trial updates and press clippings with more information here. Her parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie, who are currently in Israel for the civil suit they have brought against the state of Israel, are seeking solidarity in their call for conscience; Rachel's parents write:

20:00-22:00 – Memorial; Location TBA
March 16th marks the seven-year anniversary of Rachel’s killing. We hope to mark this day as a “Day of Conscience” with a large gathering that calls for truth, accountability and justice, in Rachel’s case and beyond. There will also be events in Gaza (at the Rachel Corrie Children and Youth Cultural Center in Rafah), possibly in the West Bank (TBA), and around the world.

If you are not with us in Palestine/Israel, please think about how you and your group/community can be visible/audible on March 16.

We expect this to be a challenging time, but we know the friendship we have felt from so many of you over the years will help us navigate the weeks ahead. Though the course and outcome of the trial are unknown, we welcome the opportunity to raise and highlight many of the critical issues to which Rachel’s case is linked. Thank you for your continuing support.

In solidarity and with much appreciation,
Cindy & Craig Corrie

The American peace activist Rachel Corrie, left, stands between an Israeli buldozer and a Palestinian physician’s house moments before she was run over March 16, 2003. International Solidarity Movement / Getty Images
She didn't expect to die that day.


Merche Pallarés said...

I'm very glad to know that Canadian Jews are joining the worldwide outcry against the Israeli Apartheid Government. Hugs, M.

20th Century Woman said...

I read with sadness and with interest this and your previous post. I wanted to comment, but didn't know what to say that would add anything. It is such an intransigent problem, and politics in Israel just seem to get worse.

Besides, I just can't think of anything worse for parents than the loss of a child, and the loss under such horrendous circumstances must be a terrible thing thing to carry in their minds.

Considering what was done to the Jews one would think that they should be the most compassionate people in the world. But it doesn't seem to work that way. The whole thing is just so sad.

tasteofbeirut said...

As often happens Taina when I read your posts I get so overwhelmed with emotion; I am glad that people like you are articulating what people like me feel and are afraid to express publicly because due to our origin we are not deemed objective. Thank you so much.

northshorewoman said...

MP, hopefully with more Jewish voices speaking out, this will add to the path to real change.

20th C Woman, it is difficult to find words to say. Can you imagine how the life of Rachel's parents have changed over these 7 years? I am sure they had never imagined that they would be taking the Israeli military to court. Perhaps following in their daughters' principled footsteps not only honors her memory, but also brings the injustice of not just her death but of Palestinians' to light so that the issue of occupation must be examined.

Taste of Beirut, yes, it is easier for me as a white woman who is accepted as an unhyphenated Canadian with no seeming past identity, culture or religion to colour my viewpoint, to speak out. Indeed, the things I have heard because it is assumed I share certain dominant viewpoints.