Thursday, December 15, 2011

on the other side of blue

If you are feeling blue, here is sound and eye therapy to lift you up, but not in that saccharine way that just makes you feel hopeless--hence, more depressed about the state of the world. The song is "Meadows of Heaven"; it is 7 m. long, but be sure to listen and watch the whole thing.

Written by Finnish musician Tuomas Holopainen (lyrics below) for his band, Nightwish, the song is from from their album Dark Passion Play (2007). Nightwish's music has been called "symphonic metal." Now, do not let that categorization stop you from listening! You will fall in love with this song; it is very captivating. The person who put together the visual clips for youTube has done an amazing job visually mapping the rise and fall, the hopes and despairs, encoded in the song's musical story.

While Tuomas looks like he crafts his metal persona as a cross between Johnny Depp and Keith Richards, in the lyrics for "Meadows of Heaven" he takes up the persona of the little boy inside the man.

Meadows of Heaven. Tuomas Holopainen

I close my eyes
The lantern dies
The scent of awakening
Wild honey and dew

Childhood games
Woods and lakes
Streams of silver
Toys of olden days

Meadows of heaven

The flowers of wonder
And the hidden treasures
In the meadow of life
My acre of Heaven
A five-year-old winter heart
In a place called home
Sailing the waves of old

Meadows of heaven

Rocking chair without a dreamer
A wooden swing without laughter?
Sandbox without toy soldiers
Yuletide without the Flight

Dreambound for life

Flowers wither, treasures stay hidden
Until I see the first star of fall

I fall asleep
And see it all:
Mother's care
And colour of the kites

Meadows of heaven


Merche Pallarés said...

I'll come back with more time. We're off to San Francisco today where we will stay two days, and then continue to San Diego. Hugs, M.

P.S. Sorry that Marja-Leena didn't contact me...

northshorewoman said...

have fun! I hope you let us know on your blog what you were up to in san francisco....will you be wearing "flowers in your hair"? ;-)

Merche Pallarés said...

I doubt it... Those days of wine and roses and flowers in your hair, I'm afraid, have gone down the drain... Hugs, M.

Katja Maki said...

what a breathtaking song! and the visuals too! I like when the trees rise up again and the elephant returns to life .. dreams of the future!

northshorewoman said...

isn't it, though? I am not a lover of metal; yet, this particular song and its "symphonic metal" genre coupled with the visuals really pulls a strong response from the heart.

marja-leena said...

Catching up here and belatedly seeing Merche writing something about my not contacting her...??? Did I miss erceiving some communication from you, Merche? I'm sorry...

Back to this post - I loved this, though I too am not always fond of metal. Okay in small doses, I even like some of Apocalyptica, especailly some of their videos.