Thursday, March 29, 2012

wolf sighting

I know it isn't a clear photo, but that is a wolf I saw running along the edge of the ice this morning. I have not seen a wolf in the wild (or in the city), but this was clearly a wolf. No dog would be out on the ice in the harbour at this time of the year when the ice is breaking up, and wolves are known to use frozen lakes or rivers as travel routes in the night. The speed of this animal was amazing to watch. It has to be a wild animal, I said to myself as I followed it with my eyes.

I had been walking along the Sacred Garden footpath, which is the last loop of my Thursday morning walk before returning back home, and when I  looked out onto Lake Superior, towards the East, I saw this beast galloping across the ice. Its nose was down and after running for a spell, it stopped to look out at the water. It had a bushy tail that was also down, not wagging like a dog's. I watched it running along the edge of the ice until it got closer to the shore by the old Pool 6 area. I hope it got on shore, but where will it go from there? It has a lot of industrial and residential areas to cross until it makes it back into the bush.

What is the medicine of Wolf that I need to pay attention to? Maybe as this was a "lone wolf," and he was running along a precarious border (ice/water) as the night opens to morning light (dark/light), this is a signal to me that I need to find alone time, find teachings there, in a between state of being. 


Katja Maki said...

Wow! A wolf! What was it doing in the city? I hope it gets back to the bush okay! Amazing teachings it is bringing you!

Merche Pallarés said...

I think the poor wolf got lost from his pack. I hope he made it back to the bush alright but if its sight gave you a lesson, all for the better! Hugs, M.

Anne said...

To see a wolf is a great moment. You will never forget it.

northshorewoman said...

I am blessed to see the wolf! The ice was gone the next week, and the wolf has gone somewhere into the bush, hopefully away from people and traffic.