Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jewish graffiti attacks

The western media is quick to show examples of anti-semitic graffiti attacks against Jews and label them hate crimes, yet why aren't they as quick to show anti-Christian graffiti attacks by Jews and label those hate crimes, too?

In and around Jerusalem, there have been numerous anti-Christian graffiti attacks painted on the walls of churches and monasteries:
"Price-tag" and anti-Christian slogans were sprayed on the gate of the Monastery of Saint Francis, just outside of Jerusalem's Old City in early October.

In early September, suspected Jewish extremists torched the wooden door of a Jerusalem monastery and sprayed "Jesus is a monkey" and pro-settler graffiti on the walls.

In February, suspected Jewish extremists wrote "Death to Christianity" on two Jerusalem churches. The graffiti also included profanity about Jesus, and the vandals slashed the tires of several cars parked in one of the church compounds.
This 20 yr. old woman, Moriah Goldberg, is unrepentant; she sprayed anti-Islamic graffiiti and vandalized property in Arab East Jerusalem. With the illogic of an unbalanced education, she, as part of a gang of Jewish settler youth price-taggers, warns the Israeli government by defacing Palestinian property. 

The BBC, to their credit, has reported on gangs of price-tagging Jewish hoodlums from the illegal settlements in the West Bank who spray paint anti-Christian and anti-Muslim slogans and deface and vandalize Arab property. Jane Corbin explains that "Price-tagging is the term they use for a range of acts, from vandalism to arson attacks and religious desecration." She reports that "One of the most provocative price tags so far was in February in the Palestinian village of Burka, where the mosque was attacked, prayer mats were burnt, insults sprayed and war declared on the walls."

Here's what I found on CBC when I searched the mainstream Canadian news for anti-Christian graffiti in Jerusalem.

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