Thursday, January 24, 2008

A bird in hand

Yes, it sure has been cold. They say the cold snap is going to end soon; I know that Virginia will be happy because the furnace has been kicking on every 5 minutes or so trying to keep the chill at bay. Because our house has a few original windows left that means the frost can paint fantasies on the panes. This is an icy forest of ferns that formed on the window on the stairwell to the third floor. This window is not a thermapane, so the heat and the cold meet and make this dancing vision.
A faint red ridge of light silhouetted Nanabijou this morning at 7:30 a.m. I know, I know. I was crazy to go out for an early morning walk when last night's weather prediction was -31 c overnight with -38 windchill. I even muttered that to myself as I pulled my hood over the balaclava I had wrestled on over my hat. Three layers of head gear. I didn't dare look at the thermometer on the wall outside the dining room window.

I just made sure I chose my purple parka today and donned a pair of Nipigon nylons* over my socks. Today is Thursday, and Thursday means a long walk along the harbour with my neighbour, and then we swing up to the Hoito coffee bar for pancakes, scrambled eggs and coffee, served by Raakeli, who just happens to be from Kauhajoki, too. Chat with the old Finnish fellows who have come by for their morning get-together, and with Alex, too (who came to Canada from Russia). But he speaks some Finnish, too. All that hanging around with us Finns.

7:20 a.m. every Thursday my neighbour and I leave (in the summer 7 a.m.). Winter...well, the dark and the cold...7 a.m. is even darker. And colder. So, yeah. 7:20. Let's leave at 7:20.
Then, when I get back I start my chores. Like laundry. Washing dishes. Sweeping the floor. By then I usually hear Sydney calling from her upstairs 3rd floor sleeping cage. "I'm coming!" I call out as I wind up the stairs. That's when I noticed the dancing ferns.
* Nipigon nylons: NWO slang for old fashioned gray wool work socks with red trim. Nothing fancy about them. Not very expensive. Not stylish, but warm as heck!!!!

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