Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The one that got away

Today, I missed the best photo opportunity. I did not go for my morning walk. I did not have my camera with me. I was driving down High Street, past Hillcrest Park, about 8:45 am on my way to the Complex, a public fitness facility here in town. It was -21 c.

~ this is a photo of the Algoma St. bridge over McVicar's Creek. The southside of the bridge. The bridge is old, its patina matches the worn elegance of Maudsley Court, the old brick apartment building that sits southeast of the bridge. You can see the frozen creek below, and a glimpse of yesterday morning's gentle snowstorm.

Today, we had a sudden drop in temperature with increased humidity, so when I went out this morning the car door wouldn't unlock. The key wouldn't go in. I was already late, had no idea where the lock de-icer was, so with a great deal of clumsiness and sharp exhalations of breath due to warm winter clothing, I managed to climb into the driver's seat from the passenger's side, cursing the center console of the car. My car lurched up the hill.
~ This is a photo of Musti, the mother part of a mother-daughter dog duo belonging to a friend of mine. He had to go in for hip replacement surgery on Friday, and I am helping out some days by walking the dogs while he is recuperating. Musti's daughter's name is Tassu. They are both wonderful dogs. They look large and vicious but they are anything but. Looks are deceiving. Musti can walk a good clip. Tassu, however, who is much larger than her mom, clings closely to your left side.

Driving past Hillcrest, which once was the shore of the ancient lake that existed before Superior, the harbour was an eerie sight. A ghost lake. Far out, as the water has not yet frozen, yet the temperature has dipped so low, the heat from the lake was rushing out to warm the air, creating a wall of dancing mist. Shimmering spires. Clouds encased the sky, a heavy deep gray blanket, but suddenly, an orange glow began to pulse, to herald an opening. The sun came out just for a minute, shining from underneath the clouds. It was a burnished orange orb, unlike anything I've seen, and it sent out a warm, burnished bronze circle of light, spotlighting a stage on the lake. A ship just happened to be sitting way out in the harbour in the exact spot where the sun glowed and cast a golden circle. A ghost ship, visible against the swirling vapours.

And that is the story of the photo I didn't get.

~ Tassu

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Jody said...

What a beautiful story, I didn't even need the picture to envision what you were writing!