Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sun Sisters

Sisters are like sunshine. They brighten up the day. I know that not all have such a joyous feeling when they think of their sisters, but for me, sisters are a beam of light that shines into my life. Today, it's my sister's birthday. A week ago it was my older sister's birthday. The 3 of us are Aquarians. We all entertain visions. Heads are often in the clouds.

Like Ant medicine, we know the strategy of patience.

"Know what is yours will come to you."

Ant is a builder like beaver, aggressive like badger, has stamina like elk, and scrutiny like mouse.

Ant people are active, community-minded people, planners like squirrel. Ants works for the good of the whole. Build their dreams one day at a time. They collect one sunbeam at a time and build from it a sunshiny day.

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