Sunday, February 10, 2008


Surprise Lake. The same view, the same cabin, 6 months apart, one taken to the west of the cabin, the other to the east. Late last September, I was driving down Dog Lake Road to visit Pirjo who lives on Surprise Lake when I was caught by surprise by the fall colours and the perfect mirror of the lake. Someone has a perfect sauna on the shore! This afternoon, I was driving along Dog Lake Road, but this time returning from visiting Armi who has a home on Warnicke Lake and I passed that same cabin and the same expanse of water on Surprise Lake. Except, of course, today is one of the coldest days of the winter. It is -28 c with strong northwesterly winds the windchill is -40. Hardly a car or truck in sight. No people at all. One dog. I was imagining that it would not be fun to have my car break down in the middle of nowhere. I did not get out of the car to snap the photo this time; I just pulled over and rolled down the window!

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