Friday, August 29, 2008

Mummo ja minä

In this photo, Katja and I had just returned to Juonikylä having spent 3 months in Sweden. I know this because now I have my "new hairdo". I wanted to get a trendy new Swedish haircut while in Stockholm, but was disappointed when I looked in the mirror and saw the same haircut I knew so well from Canadian hairdressers.
The photos from 1974 are beginning to lose their colour. I read once that all colour photos turn black eventually; in essence, disappearing from sight. There are few pictures of me with my mummo Fanny. Here I am with my favorite red sweater, wearing the clock that she gave me. Her grey woolen stockings reminds me that she used to send us packages of knee-length wool underwear when we were little girls. They used to itch like crazy, as I have a sensitivity to wool. I used to boil up in them. Feel like a hot furnace. This was in the days when girls could not wear pants to school; you had to wear dresses. There was no such thing as snow pants in those days, so in the winter, walking to school and back and during recess, you really needed wool underwear. But in class, I died of itch and heat. Trying my best, of course, to not show that.

I still have the clock my grandmother gave me, but it never worked. Mummo told me that when she gave it to me, that it doesn't work, but here it is anyway.


marja-leena said...

I'm really enjoying this series about your visits to family in Finland, the red buildings, the 60+ cousins and so many other similarities. I lost count of my cousins after 50! You have made me feel homesick, is that possible even though I only lived there the first 5 years of my life? It's the call of our roots, isn't it?

northshorewoman said...

Finnishness lives in our bones. It can't be left behind. For those who hear the whispering and shouts of ancestors, well, it is not of their choosing. One has been chosen.