Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Under the Saving Grace tree

One of the mosaic garden stones made for creating the "stage" area under the Saving Grace tree at the Midsummer Garden. Although we have a collection of interesting stones, we still have a few more to make. Hopefully, we will have all the stones in place before the Bay St. Film Festival, which is happening this September.

Here's the beginnings of the "stage". Maybe we will call this spot the tapahtumapaikka - the place were things happen. That will be a good word for English tongues to slip over.

This is a small beat-up shed that sits on the edge of the garden lot. We thought to paint its sorry-looking chipboard surface white. Next, Sharon Reid is going to paint a window onto this wall to make the shed look like a little mökki. We've planted a pee-wee hydrangea in front of it, a gift from wood carver Matti Tervo and his wife.

Painted by Katarina Gustafsson, this is a postcard I bought in Stockholm when I was there for a few weeks a few springs back, on my way to present a paper at Oslo University in Norway. This postcard, forgotten in the back of a drawer, came to my mind when I wondered, What to do with that unsightly shed?

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