Thursday, September 25, 2008

McVicar's Creek in Autumn

The world is full of as much beauty as there is pain.

Sometimes on my way back home up the path by the creek I continue past the usual turnoffs I take and continue instead to the end of the path, where it meets up with River St.

a closer look at the creek bed. It appears like bayou waters but it is boreal.

The waters were patterned with the trees lining the banks. This fallen leaf was on its yellow way to Lake Superior.

Actually, I think there is more beauty than pain. It has to be. Beauty is unending, but pain can stop.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Taina... there is more beauty than pain.. it allo depends on how you think it is to make it happen. If you think positively, there will always be positive things happening and you will see the world beautiful... that´s why when people tried to stop me from moving back to Mexico... even though I do miss Lake Superior.... I continue ..seeing Mexico as the most beautiful thing in my life... its people, culture, moral values, religion and way of looking at life even though there is pain.....Here I am ....teaching ESL and International Business at UDL University and feeling fullfilled of sharing my experience and knowledge with young hard working people. Take care and continue sharing beautiful pictures.. I love them... mine are posted on facebook!!