Monday, September 1, 2008

Mt. McKay i.e. The Place where Thunder Birds Nest Part V

Every time I go to this area of FWFN, interesting rocks present themselves to me. This one was on the trail going up the mountain. It looks like something, or some being, has been pressed into the stone.

This rock was also on the path. It had the most unusual blue and yellow patches. These hadn't been added to the rock by hand. The blue appears like Maya blue, however, that is southern hemisphere and this is northern, Anishnawbe blue.

These rocks make stone steps up to the mountain. The top of the steps were creamy smooth; the sides were bumpy and speckled with lichen.

This is the very top of the mountain; the landing pad of the Thunder Beings. The bedrock of the mesa, weathered by ancient winds; scratched by the talons of the giant birds.


Mouse said...

How beautiful, I love rocks
so strong and enduring but still dissolving slowly...

marja-leena said...

That top stone looks like it has a fossil imprint! I wish I could do a rubbing of it.

northshorewoman said...

then you will have to come to The Place!