Monday, March 16, 2009

ahmed, yousuf, arafat, mohammed, and tristan

excerpt from "American Citizen Critically Injured After Being Shot in the Head by Israeli Forces in Ni'lin" on ISM. I found the link via AnomalousNYC on Flikr, who has digitized the photo of Tristan Anderson found on the ISM site.

"Tristan Anderson was shot as Israeli forces attacked a non-violent demonstration against the construction of the annexation wall through the village of Ni’lin’s land. Another resident from Ni’lin was shot in the leg with live ammunition. Four Ni’lin residents have been killed during demonstrations against the confiscation of their land.

Ahmed Mousa (10) was shot in the forehead with live ammunition on 29th July 2008. The following day, Yousef Amira (17) was shot twice in the head with rubber-coated steel bullets, leaving him brain dead. He died a week later on 4 August 2008. Arafat Rateb Khawaje (22), was the third Ni’lin resident to be killed by Israeli forces. He was shot in the back with live ammunition on 28 December 2008. That same day, Mohammed Khawaje (20), was shot in the head with live ammunition, leaving him brain dead. He died three days in a Ramallah hospital.

Residents in the village of Ni’lin have been demonstrating against the construction of the Apartheid Wall, deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice in 2004. Ni’lin will lose approximately 2500 dunums of agricultural land when the construction of the Wall is completed. Ni’lin was 57,000 dunums in 1948, reduced to 33,000 dunums in 1967, currently is 10,000 dunums and will be 7,500 dunums after the construction of the Wall.

Orly Levi, a spokeswoman at the Tel Hashomer hospital, tells Ha’aretz: "He’s in critical condition, anesthetized and on a ventilator and undergoing imaging tests.” She described Anderson’s condition as life-threatening.

Earlier today, my friend Gerry, sent me a link to an article by David Bromwich, "Thoughts on the Death of Rachel Corrie", as today is the anniversary of her killing, which comes on the heels of the maiming of Tristan Anderson by Israeli forces.

"Today is the sixth anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie. On March 16, 2003, in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip, she was run over by an armor-plated Caterpillar bulldozer, a machine sold by the U.S. to Israel, the armor put in place for the purpose of knocking down homes without damage to the machine. Rachel Corrie was 23 years old, from Seattle; a sane, articulate, and dedicated American who had studied with care the methods of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. At the time that she was run over, and then backed over again, she was wearing a luminous orange jacket and holding a megaphone. There is a photograph of her talking to the soldier of the Israel Defense Forces, in the cabin of his bulldozer, not long before he did it. None of the eyewitnesses believed that the killing was accidental. Perhaps the soldier was tired of the peace workers; it was that kind of day. Perhaps, in some part of himself, he guessed that he was living at the beginning of a period of impunity.

The Israeli government never produced the investigation it promised into the death of Rachel Corrie (as her parents indicate in a statement published today). The inquiry urged by her congressional representative, Adam Smith, brought no result from the American state department under Condoleezza Rice.
Her story was lost for a while in the grand narrative of the American launching of the war against Iraq. Thoroughly lost, and for a reason. The rules of engagement America employed in Iraq were taught to our soldiers, as Dexter Filkins revealed, by officers of the IDF; the U.S. owed a debt to Israel for knowledge of the methods of destruction; and we were using the same Caterpillar machines against Iraqi homes. An inquiry into the killing of Rachel Corrie was hardly likely, given the burden of that debt and that association.


Merche Pallarés said...

It's amazing that in the Spanish press nothing has been said about this American's probable assassination. The Israel lobby is VERY strong, indeed. Hugs, M.

P.S. the daughter of very good friends of mine from T.O. is going to study in Thunder Bay. I mentioned that she should look you up at the HOITO, I hope you don't mind. Her name is Julia Orombola. Her parents are Argentinian-Canadian

northshorewoman said...

Hopefully, Tristan will survive, and hopefully, won't be permanently brain damaged.

But isn't it interesting that his injuring, as an aid worker (ISM) helping beleaguered people (Palestinians), is a non-issue in corporate media unlike the attention paid to volunteers and aid workers from the West who go to Africa to help beleaguered people?
Talk about a colonial mentality, racism, and bias towards Christian volunteers and other aid workers. Why should volunteers who go assist the Palestinians and then are injured be ignored? Or seen as less newsworthy then "those good folks" helping "the Africans"?

Regarding your friend's daughter, Julia, ask her to send me an email when she gets to town:

I look forward to meeting her, and I will introduce her to Maria-Niny, my Columbian Canadian good friend who knows all the Spanish speaking people in TBay!

Merche Pallarés said...

Thanks Taina, I'll pass it on to her. Hugs, M.