Sunday, March 22, 2009

your turn next

A news clip of George Galloway debating the director of the Jewish Defense League of Canada, Meir Weinsten. It begins with Canadian Minister of Immigration Kenney's director of communication, Alykhan Velshi, explaining why Galloway is "infandous" and a security threat. Bear in mind, Velshi, following the Gaza massacre, told the Canadian Arab Federation on Feb 9, 2009 to stop sending press releases to his office because he is not interested in reading them and in fact finds them HILARIOUS. On this news clip, Weinsten threatens that the Jewish Defense League of Canada is "extremely determined" to "uncover agents" (like Galloway!) and will "look into" and will be "seeing to it that the Canadian government" will monitor any individual or group that is planning to help Galloway talk in Canada. This means that Stop the War, church groups, and any individual who helps Galloway will be monitored and "looked into."

Watch out. The Canadian government, on behest of the Jewish Defense League of Canada, will look into YOU.

As a Finnish-Canadian, this history of the government monitoring individuals is not new. In the early 1900s in Canada, Finnish-Canadians were "looked into", too. More than 800 were deported as undesirables, for suspicion of "being red".

And, of course, we have the history of putting Japanese Canadians into internment camps in the 1940s and confiscating all their properties, money, and possession. Many, too, were deported as "undesirables."

Is this where we are headed back? Each time with a new targeted group? When will they come for you?

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Merche Pallarés said...

My, my... I've missed SO many posts. I'll have to come back and read them all VERY carefully because, as you know, I'm terribly busy lately.
I find Canada's attitude towards George Galloway appalling. I can see that Canada has become the "second" Israel... How sad. Hugs, M.