Monday, May 4, 2009

a trumpeter swan flew

over my head the other day as I walked over the overpass. I've been searching for a sight of a swan since I found out from under my floorboards that we do get swans migrating through. The swan trumpeted loudly as it flew directly over my head, startling me. It was loud. But I hadn't expect it to come looking for me and so I wasn't expecting to see it, and so I was so surprised to see it, and it was flying so fast out towards the harbour, that all I have to show you is the harbour.

The ice miraculously disappeared the next day. You can see the overpass in the far left background.

That ice out past the point--it's gone now. Disappeared over night. I have to keep repeating that because it's so surprising to me. We've had a long cold winter.

Early in the morning, however, depending on what the temperature dipped to at night, you might see a thin skin of ice by the shore.

A small red squirrel has come out of its hiding hole by the viewing platform. Behind it, you can see the old train caboose, painted orange, which is not its original colour, and a corner of the old train station, no longer used for trains.

The squirrel shares ground with the groundhog, who has dug a tunnel under the rocks deep into the earth. But I imagine the groundhog gets to have its say first as

have you seen the size of its claws?

Walking back up the trail. Upriver. The creek is full of snow melt now. Lots of anglers on its shores in the morning, casting for speckled trout.

Down river. An old Victorian claw foot bathtub recycled. Filled with earth now. It will be blooming soon.

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