Monday, July 27, 2009

A Finnish-Canadian's Adventures in Bahrain

It was my turn, as part of the 3 sisters from the Northshore, to write an article for New World Finn. So, while I was visiting Bahrain, I wrote "A Finnish Canadian's Adventures in Bahrain." You can find a pdf of the Summer 2009 issue of NWF here, with my article on page 9 and 12. New World Finn is available hard copy, so if you are interested in keeping up with what is happening with Americans of Finnish descent, please consider subscribing! Find the info on how to subscribe in the issue. Once you read my article, these photos will look familiar to you. I will post more photos that go with "my adventures" in the next few days. [the last photo in the hardcopy edition of my article is not mine]. More later.


marja-leena said...

This is very interesting, to learn and see this to me rather unknown middle Eastern country through your Finnish eyes, thank you. I do see the similarity in the boat painting! Looking forward to more.

northshorewoman said...

Hopefully, one day you will visit the Middle East and see how interesting it is and how wonderful the people.