Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cascades, the Current River

I saw this heart jump out of the rocks at the Cascades today, where I went for a hike with my husband this afternoon.

The amazing beauty that is at our doorstep in the great northwest ...

never ceases to amaze me.

colours and

textures abound

drawing the eye

I told you about the Cascades before; last time I showed you spring.

By some miracle, or simply determination to survive, the seed of a tiny wildflower found a home in a tiny crack of these immense, hard rocks.

Trees, too, plant themselves among the stones; askew is not a concern to their roots.

We walked upstream to this point. The nature in the photos above is found behind the rocks in the center of this photo, where the water drops off.

a stone wall

and its reflection


marja-leena said...

Love your photos of the Canadian Shield!

Merche Pallarés said...

Beautiful, beautiful... I especially loved the wildflowers growing in that little niche. I have to go back to Canada! Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...

ML and MP, I hope to see you here in TBay one day!