Saturday, May 17, 2008

This place is called Cascades

here is where I went for a walk this morning with my husband

it is only 10 minutes by car from our home

After you park your car, you have to walk 10 minutes through a path lined with tall, thin poplars.
I looked up to try and find the birds that were calling and saw that the tops of the trees were sweeping gentle circles in the sky.

to get to the river you have to walk North. You know you are going north because the moss on old trees grows thicker on the northside, and you know you are walking towards the river because the roar of the rushing waters carries through the bush

the thundering gets louder and louder

yet when you stand still for a moment and look back, all seems peaceful

huge shelves of rock remain just as they did after withstanding the great glacial river of ice that once passed through

huge steps of ancient rock have become mottled and parched over the years

yet the rock is velvety smooth and moist, too

and surprising resilient in its capacity to give life

the scent and taste and feel and sound of water and stones, of trees and fresh air, of crispness and mustiness, all mix together

You see strange paintings

ghostly growths

and wizened skin

on your way out


marja-leena said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful, spirit-filled place! Reminds me of places in Manitoba that I wandered in in my youth, growing up there, also part of the great Canadian Shield! Don't the rock, the 'kallio', and the waters remind you of Finland? I think of the Finnish lake region and Savo.

northshorewoman said...

I have never been to Savo; hopefully, one day I will. I did not see these sorts of rock "highways" in Finland when I was last there, but I do hope to do more traveling about next time. I did see Pirunpelto by Lauhanvuori, which is a river of stones which was glacially formed. And Aavasaksa, which appears to be some mountain of stone while everything else was carved away. However, I don't know the story of how Finland was carved out by glaciers like I do my own region here on the north shore of Lake Superior.