Monday, May 26, 2008

Rabbit Mountain ~ consumer culture fallout

an OV beer bottle opener for those smashed beer bottles. What is this spiral? I don't know.

by the pond puddle where a mallard was swimming

just past the croaking frogs

Christmas wreath now decorating the forest floor, lying beside yard waste left in plastic bags

closeup of Maxwell House coffee tin, mini Christmas lights made in China and the fake wreath

pink fiberglass insulation for the walls of a house

an old bench seat from a car

a computer monitor

a man's old oxford shoe

lumber waste and purple plastic toddler's wading pool


biker t-shirt "County Chopper"

a collection of beer bottle openers on a rusted tin lid

a tire rim

the inner tube of a tire and some foam packaging.

This is only a fraction of the garbage scattered all over Rabbit Mountain environs.

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northshorewoman said...

She. I think the topic presents itself. It is all around me. Sometimes, in my selfish moments, I wish that I didn't see what I see.