Tuesday, May 27, 2008

back lanes

I often walk in backlanes. There is no traffic, less wind, and

sometimes you see an old patch of rhubarb, which makes great pie.

Backlanes were once popular parts of neighbourhoods

Backlanes are usually found in older parts of town

Suburbs do not have backlanes

Backlanes are lined with old garages and sheds

some might have a window

a door that latches

or old style double doors

The garages and sheds are usually made of wood

that is painted many different colours

but sometimes left unpainted

once in a blue moon you will see a shed of stone.
There are, unfortunately, some covered in vinyl siding, too, the contemporary cure-all slap-on.

This sign is riveted to the Finnish Labour Temple; find it in the backlane of Hoito Restaurant.

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