Friday, September 11, 2009

Thunder Bay waterfront "development"

These are the shovels.

These are the trees.

The pigeons watch from overhead.

An old crow watches from below.

They say that when there are lots of mountain ash berries on the trees it will be long, hard, cold winter. This is the last year for birds to visit this tree, as it too, like the other trees in this part of the waterfront, will be uprooted for the "development."


An overview from the pedestrian overpass of where the 3 buildings will go up.


Katja Maki said...

Bye Bye!! It is so hard to say goodbye to our beautiful harbour, with all the trees and the wonderful animals and birds. I can't even go down there this weekend to see it for the last time before they start "developing" it. It breaks my heart. I don't understand why they are building on this one little piece of land when there are miles of harbour all around it, that could be ideal sites for condos. Our harbour had been built with millions of taxpayer dollars previously so that the public could enjoy it. Now with private condos and hotels, well they won't want people walking by and enjoying the scenery, so I guess the harbour and the Sleeping Giant view will be for a select few. This City Council has no imagination - They can't imagine a harbour that includes nature and board walks as it is now and also hotels and condos in one continuous strip that they could keep building on all the way to intercity. But no, it has to be one little strip of land that the people of Thunder Bay like as it is! It makes me sad and angry!!

northshorewoman said...

I think your words speak to the emotions of many. I can't imagine how gloomy many folks will be this weekend. I almost didn't go down to the harbour this morning because I thought it would be too painful.

I saw this tiny pine sisken chirping in one of the blue spruce's that are tagged for removal, and I thought, how many more bird environments do we need to destroy?

I also saw a muskrat paddling towards the boats. What about all those muskrat tunnels built all over the shoreline over the years? How many more muskrat, mink, otter, and groundhog homes do we need to destroy?

I guess for some folks, they would rather get their nature from the internet or a magazine. Real nature does not interest them.