Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Doorbell

The doorbell rang and I received Lebanon, Lebanon in the mail. I opened it randomly and found this poem. It reminded me of that morning in July 2006 when I went downstairs and turned on the tv.

THE DOORBELL by Adrian Mitchell

I was in bed, the silvery light of dawn
blessing our quiet suburban street,
when the window darkened,
and the doorbell rang.

Pushed my face deep in the pillow.
but the doorbell kept ringing
and there was another sound,
like the crying of a siren,
so I slopped downstairs
unbolted, unlocked, unchained
and opened the front door.

There, on the doorstep, stood the War.
It filled my front garden,
filled the entire street
and blotted out the sky.
It was human and monstrous,
shapeless, enormous,
with torn and poisoned skin which bled
streams of yellow, red and black.

The War had many millions of heads
both dead and half-alive,
some moaning, some screaming,
some whispering,
in every language known on earth,
goodbye, my love.

The War had many millions of eyes
and all wept tears of molten steel.
Then the War spoke to me
in a voice of bombs and gunfire:
I am your War.
Can I come in?


Merche Pallarés said...

Beautiful poem! So true and so sad. I've seen your two previous posts, the one of the poets I'll have to come back with more time to listen to them, I'm sure they're great. Hugs, M.

tasteofbeirut said...

Don't remind me! Well it rings so true, the war is always at our doorstep in Lebanon and to think I am going to be living this reality in a few months, I must be deranged!

northshorewoman said...

This poem is so prescient. War visits us like this, unbidden, surprising us. I thought too as I read this poem that so many Canadians don't realize we have a war, that our war is ringing doorbells of the impoverished of Afghanistan.

Lebanon is one hope of a democracy in the ME. Why don't the US and Canada support its struggles and not defend Israel at Lebanon's cost? Why should the people of Lebanon have this Israeli shadow of death hanging over them?

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