Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our dog Bullet

My workload has been keeping me too busy, cramming too many things into a day, so when I come across something that makes me smile, well, it's just too precious to pass by. Like this pooch with a grin and bright friendly eyes. I know it's silly, but how sweet!

This little dog looks a bit like my bird, Sydney. I know it seems improbable, but there is something in the expression, something behind the eyes that reminds me of my lovebird.

This little dog reminded me of the Pomeranian mix that my sisters and I had when we were little until we were teens and even in our early twenties! I think she was about 17 years old when she died. Our dog, Bullet, who we named after Roy Roger's dog from his tv show popular in the 60s, was a joy to us. She went everywhere with us, scampering along the dirt roads of Jumbo Gardens when we started grade school, playing with us in the back lanes of Windemere Ave. when we moved into the city of Port Arthur, grooving with us to our first records in the basement of the Kenogami Ave home our dad built--what she thought of Donovan's LP Mellow Yellow or the 45 Louie, Louie by Paul Revere and the Raiders, one cannot say but she seemed to enjoy them!--and she followed along with us when we moved to Jenny Ketola's old green shiny wood house on Empress Ave, and finally to the last home our dad built on Oliver Road where her stone lies in the back bush somewhere.

I have not gone to visit her grave in a very long time. The woods may be completely overgrown, I fear. I don't think I'll find her grave. Last time my sister and I went to try to find her stone, we were thwarted by heavy branches of balsam and spruce. We tried to find where Isa had buried her but the branches were scratching our arms, the ground was soppy, boggy, and full of roots and sinkholes, and the mosquitoes were eating us alive. Our Isa used to keep the bush somewhat under check when he was alive (although he was more of the live-and-let-live philosophy, of the belief in unlandscaped natural beauty) , but since he passed no one has gone into the woods back of the house to do any clearing or pruning.


Merche Pallarés said...

That dog is adorable!!
Someone has to clean up that backyard so you can find the stone! Ah, and I like the names you give your pets "Bullet" and "Sidney", ha,ha,...Hugs, M.

Della said...

it made me chuckle to think that Bullet reminds you of your little Sydney because the bluejay that Katja posted for my bday reminds me of my little Jack Russell mix, Peanut! D

Katja Maki said...

Oh Bullet was the best! Okay okay I mean Sam, Sidney, Peanut, Rocky, Gizmo, Star and Beauty are all the best too! Thanks Taina for reminding me of Bullet and what a joy she was to grow up with! Yes of course animals smile, Sam smiles so much it looks like she is laughing when I tickle her tummy!

northshorewoman said...

hello women, isn't it true that animals can bring us so much pleasure? And what do they ask of us? Nothing. Of course, since we have "tamed" them, we are responsible for their nourishment and well-being. When we fail, they let us know. Thank god.

tasteofbeirut said...

The dog is adorable even though I am not into dogs. Very bright, alert look!