Thursday, December 30, 2010

channel surfing

What's Christmas without some drama? I've never been much of a Steven Tyler or Aerosmith fan, but as part of my Christmas holiday TV watching and other media focused pastimes like movie watching, brushing up on my Finnish with Nalle Puhin Joulu on YouTube, and dancing with an avatar on Kinect, in my channel surfing I watched the last part of the Kennedy Center Honors gala. I must say I was impressed with Tyler's contribution to the tribute to Paul McCartney's songs! I thought it was funny, too, that a former bad-boy of rock known for outrageous drama (Tyler) finds himself in his older years rocking a rather conservative crowd at a bastion of elitism. Recently, I had watched Paul McCartney on SNL and was disappointed with his performance as, to me, he seems to be just a shadow of his former stage-presence self. As my teen years (and earlier!) were spent rocking out to The Beatles and Wings, when I watched McCartney on stage today, he does not compare with his earlier years at all. The Kennedy Center tribute to him as a songwriter, however, was nothing short of amazing and reminded me of what a great songwriter he is.


Merche Pallarés said...

Paul McCartney has written great songs but nowadays looks a bit freaky what with his dyed hair and lifted face... Happy New Year! Hugs, M.

Katja Maki said...

Thanks for that, Taina! Interesting to watch two old rock and rollers like Steve Tyler and Paul McCartney! It must be hard to sing Paul McCartney's song in front of him! Go to Johanna's blog to about the middle where she has a link to watch Nina Persson do Whole Lotta Love in front of Robert Page and Jimmy Page! Now for sure that took a lot of courage on her part!!

northshorewoman said...

hello MP, yes, the tightened faces of so many stars and celebrities are frigthening! Even young stars have so much work done you can't recognize them. I am sure you will have had a wonderful new year's eve!

Katja, that is an interesting cover, too. What a voice on that woman!