Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a chicken purse?

Shopping Then and Now, cont'd Part 3
chicken purse

What could be more natural than women and shopping? Who of us doesn’t enjoy finding just the right pair of shoes or the perfect purse, ne just sopivat kengät tai ihanan laukun? Or buying a new spring jacket? And can’t wait to tell the next woman we see what a great bargain it was? Eikős oo tosi? Jos lőydät hyvälä hinalla, eikős se pusero oo enemmän arvokkain?
vaari ja muori

There’s a common saying that women love to shop, but there’s also a common saying että Suomalaiset on lian nuukia, that Finlanders are tight with their money. So, here we have a contradiction that causes some confusion: Tässä on ristiriitainen asia mikä tuo sekavan mielen: What if you are a woman and you are a Finlander? Mitä jos oot nainen ja Suomalainen? Mitä sitten? What then?

How could you be born to shop and not want to spend any money?

Well, the answer is that while being a woman may come naturally to us, and being a Finlander may come naturally to us -- naisellisuus ja Suomalaisuus on luonollista -- there is nothing natural about shopping. Shopping is not an inborn trait, shopping is a social practice, ostosten teko on yhteiskunnallinen käytäntö. It’s something that we learn and it is an activity that changes over the years. How, where, when and why we shop and what we buy are part of the economics of the day and the social norms that shape femininity, norms that also change over the years. Kuinkä, missä, million and miksi menemme ostoiksille ja mitä me ostamme on aijan kansantaloudellinen ja sukupuolista tapaa, ja tavat mutuvat aijan mukaan.

women shopping, USA 2010


marja-leena said...

Interesting series, Taina. I'd also add that some of us women change in whether we like shopping. As I've aged I now dislike it, as did my mother and mother-in-law when they got older. Tavat muuttuu ajan ja iän mukaan.

I'm looking forward to more about the history of Port Arthur and Fort William. That's how I knew the community when visiting in my youth.

Merche Pallarés said...

I've just come back from Burgos and our Quixotic meal (as you know, a group of us had been reading "Don Quixote", a chapter a week, for nearly three years). I've read your posts on shopping and find them interesting--that chicken purse is too much!-- When you mention Port Arthur and Fort William, that's how I knew Thunder Bay while growing up in Canada. When did the name change? Hugs,M.

northshorewoman said...

ML, this is a good point! Of course my own shopping habits ahve changed dramatically as I've become more shopping conscious. As I get older I have less compulsion to buy things I don't really need to duplicate!

MP, what an interesting project you have been engaged with. I like the idea of a collectively read article then posts on it. Smart.

Port Arthur and Fort William were amalgamated into one city in 1970.