Sunday, January 9, 2011

e-voice from the grave

E-Tomb: “the conceptual tomb for the information age.”

Here’s your chance to be undead. Can this be a way to make humans supernatural? That is, we don’t really die if our e-selves continue to speak from the grave? Move over séances, Ouija boards, and John Edwards, technology / science will allow us to speak from the grave.

Our body may be dust, but this new technology promises to let us live forever in the minds of our family and friends; we will be just a digital distance away. The E-Tomb stores all of the e-communications we networked during our lives — blogs, tweets, texts, emails, Facebook, Skype video, Messenger, and on and on — for handy e-access for our loved ones, who can collect e-memories and reminisce about us.

This latest digital technology to keep the dead in our network and our memories is designed by Huang Jianbo, Zhao Ting, Wang Yushan, Ran Xiangfei & Mo Ran.

E-tombs for e-communications for e-memories ….e…. e…. e ….


A popular topic of art: the beautiful female corpse. "The Anatomist." 1869. Gabriel von Max


Merche Pallarés said...

What they won't invent...! Can you imagine? all the e-tombs talking at the same time?? How spooky... Hugs, M.

Ari said...

Hi! Again new ways to make money!

20th Century Woman said...

Eeek is right. The painting is appropriately creepy too.

northshorewoman said...

but doesn't it make sense is a digital world where many people deny ageing and try to thwart the Grim Reaper?