Saturday, January 1, 2011

a New Year's Day walk

I love the slant of my town. A slice of the city meets the slope of Hillcrest Park as an old apple tree leans backwards, permanently bent by the wind, with Lake Superior in the background disappearing into a calming blue horizon. That small black dot on the hill? A young sledder braving the -24c windchill on the first day of 2011. What better way to celebrate the new day than whizzing down a hill on a thin round disc?
Looking up that same hill towards the apple trees. A father, his daughter, and their dog walked up from the Bay Street neighbourhood, climbed to the top of the snowy slope, and as the father and daughter flew down the hill, their dog raced up and down the snow in a frenzy of glee.
Walking towards the south end of the lookout, I passed a row of cars idling their engines as their occupants gazed out towards the lake. In the distance, you can see the one tall building we have downtown: Waverley Park Towers.
The old bell at the crest of the hill. It was gleaming in the cold. I had on my new double layer long johns that my mother gave me for Christmas, gloves with mitts on top, my fake fur hat made in Canada, a fleece scarf, and my daughter's hand-me-down red down-filled jacket, so I was toasty.
My camera, however, was not. It stopped working shortly after I took this photo. Standing in front of the bell, I snapped this photo of the old part of town. The white street running down towards the lake on the left is Bay Street. What I like about my town is that there are next-to-no tall buildings.


Katja Maki said...

Thank you for this glimpse into your New Year's Eve walk. Hillcrest Park came to life with the comings and goings on. I like that about our city too - no tall buildings! Here's another New Year's hug to you!!

Merche Pallarés said...

Beautiful pictures! I used to love sledding down hills... And, very surprised, that your town/city only has ONE high-rise (well, it's not THAT high...) building. Congrats.
Now, -24c, WOW! that's cold... Glad you wore your long johns and was well attired for your walk. I hope you didn't catch a cold. Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...

Hello Katja and MP, isn't it true? No matter how many times we visit a place, we see with fresh eyes. No tall buildings to block the view. How great is that? hugs to both of you women.

Ari said...

Hi Taina ! Only one tall house in TB, so TB is kirkonkylä not a city.

northshorewoman said...

ja...totta, totta!