Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Will they be teaching this new travel opportunity in college Travel and Tourism courses?

While it is true that, for jaded travelers who have been everywhere, vacations can get boring at times, who would imagine that learning to shoot a military weapon and taking up anti-terrorist training would be a good way to kill some time? That you can kill time by learning to kill!

And as the training facility that offers these classes for tourists is in an illegal Jewish settlement in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, I wonder who the tourists get to imagine is the enemy they need to waste?

How much more mainstream can you get if anti-terrorist training is noted under "Leisure" on the Travelers Today website? Indeed, as Rachel Frogel, who gave her four children all under the age of 10 this chance to learn to target people with military weapons, says, "It's a fun experience for the whole family." 

In the news clip I embedded above, we see American tourists to Israel excited to learn to shoot not just any old gun but a military weapon. What better way to spend time on a vacation than this "exciting new program for tourists" that capitalizes on fears and taking up violence as fun and entertainment? The brainchild of an American Jew from Los Angeles, who, I assume, is also an Israeli citizen, this training facility of "security solutions" that "works in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)" uses former Israeli soldiers for the real "authentic" experience.

And, when you get back home from your travels, you can tack up on the wall at home or in your office a certificate that you have completed a basic shooting-course in Israel--or in the case of a young child, you might bring it to school for show-and-tell or maybe your mom will pin it onto the fridge with cute fridge magnets. 

young female American tourist learning anti-terrorist training. Maybe when this business grows, she could ask for a turquoise coloured gun to match her sunglasses? 

You do not have to be of age to learn how to shoot with a military weapon. It is an experience not to be missed even by the youngest child!
Taking that advice recently was Michel Brown, a Miami banker who brought his wife and children to Caliber 3 with the aim of "teaching them values."
"This is part of their education," he told YNet, as his 5-year-old daughter wielded a gun. "They should know where they come from and also feel some action."
The banker's daughter Take that back to Miami!

Seems there is no shortage of moms and dads who want their kids to learn how to shoot people...I mean, terrorists...I mean, Palestinians: 
"travelers and families take turns shooting at photos of men wearing the keffiyeh scarf worn by Palestinians."

Now, the "security" company's website does not say if it's any tourists who can take their learn-to-attack-terrorists-training. They do say that they have a lot of visitors from around the world come to take their "exciting" course. But I wonder if Palestinian or Arab tourists can take the training, too?

Or do they just get to be the target in this fun activity?


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