Friday, April 4, 2008

a murder of crows & a pair of geese

Returned to the northshore: 2 Canada Geese mates. Canada geese mate for life, and I have read that when one goose or gander dies, its partner takes up its song. This goose and gander are on their way to slip into the water for a morning paddle. The ice hasn't broken up yet, but they've found the open water around the agitator of Pier 3 to their liking.

the foot of an elephantine balsam fir. This fir has no problem making it through the winter; indeed, it gets stronger each winter.

Backshed board in the backlane below Banning and between Ambrose and Pearl Streets. My neighbour and I like hiking up this backlane because it's so steep! Years ago, I think someone was trying out paint where no one would see. The rest of the shed is unpainted, just old weatherbeaten boards. [my neighbour, however, is still down in southern Ontario, so I went and had pancakes and scrambled eggs solo at Hoito yesterday morning. I shared my breakfast with Yrjo, an accordionist in his 80s. He's planning to do some busking all summer long by the Hoito, so he's keeping his old accordion in a shed close by, ready to play. He's originally from Samiland, and he used to be a bush pilot in Alaska and Australia, and he has many stories of his days as a sailor: New York, Beirut...].

Circling back home from my walk, I heard this murder of crows before I saw them. About 30 crows were congregating and cawing atop an old maple at the top of my street. There were more crows circling about the sky, piercing the air with the sounds of their party. Some sort of spring celebration, I think, as the temperature was well on its way to a balmy +13 c !

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