Monday, April 7, 2008

Pie in the Sky

Sunday surprise: snow. Here is what this same harbor looks like to angels.

Pie in the sky. That is, Pie Island. What its Ojibewe name is I don't know. I have to look that up. This island was recently returned to Fort William First Nations, because it was part of treaty negotiations in the Robinson-Superior treaty of 1850 but taken away, i.e. stolen. It was theirs, of course, in the first place. Neebing, too, has been "returned". FWFN, of course, does not believe 2 wrongs make a right, so they are not, like the colonial fathers, kicking everyone off the land and putting them on a reserve. (on the FWFN site, scroll through the links they have on Land and Resources for maps and information).

A look south to the Lake from lower Ambrose St., just above Court St. Here's an angelic look at the Lake towards the west from space.

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