Tuesday, June 3, 2008

flowers in my garden

I'm off on a road trip to Montreal with my family. I am leaving you with some flowers from my garden. Frontenac rose is one of the hardiest. She always survives our winter storms.

Zinnia is an annual that needs to be planted anew each summer, but she's worth the work.

The angel by the big leaf ligularia.

after the angel, what else but witches glove?

blue shooting star clematis, her life is brief but beautiful

bluets dusted with white flowers from an unknown shrub

cosmos also needs to be replanted each summer, but

is so light and airy, she's a must in a northern garden

Each year my mom buys me an Easter lily. After the bloom dies I plant the bulb in the garden. It returns for another show, then disappears.

pink lilies from my friend, Pat, who died of bone cancer. Her lilies grow more numerous each year!

The lilies and ribbon grass that greet the morning sun.

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