Thursday, June 19, 2008

sunny morning, no rain

morning walk along McVicars Creek. I picked up

Musti and Tassu and headed out past the Wilson St. headland. The dogs chased a white-tailed deer out of the field. The deer lives here in this field and the small bush surrounding it, trapped in a strip of land by the railway, the lake, Northern Wood Perservers (home of the toxic blob) and the dirt road that leads from the end of Marina Park.

I believe this is the retaining wall of the massive toxic sludge of creosote that was sucked from the bottom of the lake and placed here. 100s of years of chemical poisoning awaiting its cleansing.

billboard of nothingness. It has no audience except dog walkers and bird enthusiasts,

that is, except for highly camouflaged killdeer which are scooting rapidly about the grounds

a cowbird couple observes the scooting from atop a hydro pole



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