Friday, June 13, 2008

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Rose Garden

I thought, while I was in Montreal, that I forgot to mention that the flower photos I posted last post were from my archive. The flowers in my garden are struggling to bloom this year. Their sisters in Montreal, however, were well on their way to greet the bees.

These roses are found

in the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Rose Garden. The rose garden's many beds grace the entrance to Connaught Park in the Town of Mont-Royal.

Of course, there weren't only roses to be found in the Connaught gardens.

The gardeners have created a wonderful shaded sanctuary with a variety of flowers, trees, shrubs, stones, and pergolas.

While walking to the Rose Garden one evening, I saw this enchanting pergola. It leads to the back yard of a house in my brother- and sister-in-laws' neighbourhood in the Town of Mont-Royal. Mont-Royal is a beautiful, old residential area in the centre of Montreal. The weather soared to the mid-30s with a high humidex rating the day after we arrived so my husband and I and an assortment of others who were inclined took many walks to the Rose Garden. We were hoping to get some relief from the heat

even though my brother- and sister-in-laws' house was cool as a cucumber because, like most homes in the neighbourhood, it is air-conditioned.

By the south window of their home a flamingo lily (anthurium) reveled in the sun.

We ate a lot of great meals amongst a lot of people and noise

so a walk to the Rose Garden after dinner was a good idea...before dessert....

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