Sunday, October 19, 2008

James St. swing bridge

Last week I had to bring our car for a wheel alignment at Midway Alignment in Westfort (best price in town!) and I had one hour to kill while waiting for the car to be ready. The shop is on Gore St, which runs parallel to the Kaministiqua River, so, I decided to walk to the James St. swing bridge that crosses onto Fort William First Nations Reserve. Here you can see the north bank of the Kam River, with Fort William Elevator in the distance

Crossing the bridge to Fort William First Nations Reserve. The swing bridge is 100 years old. It is narrow and one lane per direction. Made of metal and wood, vehicles crossing it make an awful rattle. Walking across it, you could easily touch the cars that pass, and the SUVs and trucks make you cling to the railing. We used to cross this bridge on Sunday drives to Chippewa Park with my family when I was a little girl and it never failed to bring us girls in the back seat to rapt attention. Despite the metal plates that have been laid down, you can still hear each slat clatter and clang under the car tires. It's a bit unnerving.

Looking through the slats of the bridge down river

Looking down into the river, a skeleton of a tree lies caught in a board walk

I wouldn't want to walk on that board walk. It looks awfully precarious.

Feeling a bit queasy from all the clattering, I glanced up at the sky

Relief! South bank of the Kam River, FWFN land

Dodging traffic, I jumped across the road and walked back the other side of the bridge

This is the part of the bridge that swings

looking up river, you can see the Place where the Thunder Birds Nest aka Mt. McKay

Back to Westfort

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