Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McVicar's Creek & Maudsley Court then & now

An old hand-painted picture postcard of McVicar's Creek, the Court St. bridge and Maudsley Court in the background. The creek does not curve like that anymore.

That same spot a few days ago.

Closer to the road, this time in the summer.
Looking at the bridge from the other side, across from Maudsley Court. A bough of mountain ash berries waiting for the cedar waxwings.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how I would go about seeing inside one of these apartments? I am very curious as to what they look like inside.
Any help is appreciated

Anonymous said...

I used to live there and I am sure most tenant's don't want people looking around their apartments, as you would not like people looking around your home. Most apartments have the original cornish moldings, woodwork, and hardwood floors. The windows are also original.

northshorewoman said...

Years ago, I visited one of my elderly friends who had an apartment at Maudsley Court on an upper floor. He has since passed away. The apartments are truly unique. Old un-renovated beauty is, of course, not everyone's cup of tea. At the time, I wondered why he had chosen to live in such an old place; now I see it reminded him of his home "back home" where history is part of everyday life.