Friday, December 5, 2008

Katja Maki Art Zoom @Northern Woman's Bookstore

~ birthday card to my daughter, Yasmin, made by her aunt, Katja Maki, showing our (grand)father, Kalevi Maki, as a young man on his first (and only) motorcycle, and our (grand)mother, Ritva Orvokki, as a young woman in summer.


present the photo art of


Saturday December 6, noon - 9 p.m.

To celebrate Art Zoom, The Northern Woman's Bookstore will offer 10% Off all Northwestern Ontario Writer's books

For more information, phone 344-7979
or go to artzoom.

The Northern Woman's Bookstore (65 Court St. S) is proud to take part in this year's Art Zoom, featuring local artist, Katja Maki.

Katja Maki is a photographic artist residing in Thunder Bay. In her work, she combines photography, digital technology and painting to create mixed media photo art. One of her art pieces was recently selected for a juried
exhibition at Definitely Superior Art Gallery. Katja is proud to be one of the founders and organizers of the SuperiorFinn MidSummer Arts Festival. She is also a writer and has penned poetry, short stories, and critical pieces, as well as a children’s book. Both in written text and visuals, Katja’s work engages with Finnish migrant experience, ancestors, nature, landscape, and contemporary identities, particularly gendered realities.

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Ari said...

Happy Birthday to Yasmin !