Friday, December 12, 2008

my sisters' art

1. my sister's art.
My sister, Katja, made this wonderful creation for her recent ArtZoom exhibit at the Northern Woman's Bookstore. The hawk was one of a pair that took over the skies above my sister's backyard this summer. When the hawks first moved into the tallest trees in the back woods, we thought, cool. Their high pitched shrieks were the first sign of their presence. The female was hidden in a nest high up in an old balsam; the male sat at the tip of an old white spruce, regal, then swooped around. After awhile, though, we noticed that all the other birds, the chickadees, goldfinch, cardinals, sparrows and nuthatches, scattered and hid while the hawks were around. The air became awful quiet except for the shrieks of the raptors. I'm not sure if the hawk in the picture has a field mouse in its talons?
Katja created the background for this image from the rusty relic at Rabbit Mountain. Things get reborn in unexpected ways when sisters go for a walk.

2. my sister's art.
My sister, Della, made this wonderful faerie for the first Faerie Night she held in December 2006. My sister, Della, makes faeries from found stuff. When she goes out for a walk, she looks on the ground and finds bits 'n bobs that she turns this way 'n that then tucks them into the see-through purse she found in the grass at the Hellfire Club. Last Friday, she held her 3rd annual Faerie Ancestors evening. Every fall, Della goes into a creative frenzy making faeries in her back workshop. Her husband, Nick, has to call her back to reality at suppertime. In December, my sister, Della, puts together an elaborate evening display of the new faeries, each with its own unique, intricate setting, in her magical 18c Abbey house in Ballinaclash. Women come from all over the county to see the faeries, an invitation and donation at the door gets you in. Della gives all the money to the homeless in Dublin; she dropped off 1700 Euros on Monday!


spirithands said...

The art is very original and quite interesting to look at. The hawk image appears to be a painting on the blue metallic surface and the second look like mixed media presentation. A flat representation in two dimensions seem to not do it justice!

northshorewoman said...

Yes, that is why the internet, to me, is a great space for sharing and creating ideas, but it can't replace Real Time experiences! I love going to art exhibits and shows simply for this reason, to intuit with the work itself. Especially, both my sisters, tend to do "site-specific" work, which, to me, is more special because it is embedded in the moment.