Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the quality control of Finnish female PhDs

Kotiapulaisen Kirja ~ Homehelper's Book
Just when women start making some gains, the border police move in and questions arise about how capable they really are. In Finland there is now a higher number of women obtaining PhDs than men...

so what do some "experts" come up with? That the quality of those PhDs may be less than "the old days"....that is, the old days when intelligence was only a male prerogative!

"The number of women with Ph.D's has skyrocketed in recent years. At many Finnish universities, women account for two thirds of Ph.D. graduates.

Meanwhile some experts are calling for doctoral graduate production to be reined in.
Some experts say there are too many Ph.D. graduates and that quantity may be taking precedence at the expense of quality."

Ladies, get back to the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

If that is the direction so we have to say goodbay to conceptual thinking in universities !

northshorewoman said...

yes, perhaps that form of conceptual thinking is too narrow and we need to break it open, not only for gender but for other exclusions, such as divisions, compartmentalizing of thought, and policing what counts as knowledge. The work of bell hooks and Paulo Freire shows another way of doing university. Universities are seriously in need of decolonizing and ridding of patriarchal vestiges! In Canada, as many other places, things will get worse as the neoliberal university gets stronger, so we've got work to do: