Saturday, October 10, 2009

the cat came back

Yesterday, I had a visitor.

She walked along the window sill of the front porch, turned the corner, then stopped to groom herself. After she was happy with herself, she sat staring inside. What caught her eye? She's curious and wants to come in. She's been here before with her big grey eyes.

Today, I had another visitor, although this one is not eager to come inside. She comes by the rock garden looking to see if I've set out any peanuts. She wants to get them before Crow and Bluejay or the other squirrels, especially the big gray tree squirrels that'll chase her out with a snarl.

We had snow last night. The black-eyed susans are covered now.

The owl didn't mind the cold and snow although the plants in the garden were struggling against the bitter winds. My hands froze as I picked a basketful of arugula.

This is part of the yard that I call "the jungle." It just grows its own way no matter what I do, so I leave it alone.

The Chinese wishing ball has a snow cap, too. I was wishing that snow and cold didn't arrive just yet, but my wishes went with the wind. Tomorrow, I'd better get out in the yard and put the wishing ball, Lily, and the cherub water sprite away into the garage as they can't withstand the cold when the hard frosts come to stay. I'd hate to see Lily in pieces.


Merche Pallarés said...

You already have snow?? So early?? I remember when I lived in Toronto that the first snowfall would arrive at the beginning of November. Beautiful the cat and the squirrel and, yes, put Lily inside. She looks very pretty with her snow cap! Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...

yes we are having snow early! darn! i was enjoying the sun and the mild weather. Winter is supposed to be very snowy this year for us.