Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the story on my kahvi myssy

Eukko. Sininen hame ja punaiset sukkat. Blue skirt and red socks. Her white apron and headscarf suggest she's wearing her best.

Ukko. Mutta aika pitkӓ tukka. But quite long hair. He looks more like the son; she like the grandmother.


This is the handmade kahvi myssy (coffee cosy) that my mom gave me that used to belong to Alma. It is made of pellava. What sort of story does the myssy tell? Well, eukko and ukko are quite far apart, even though the difference between them is one letter. They face each other, as if in a duel. Maybe they don't talk to each other too much. Eukko carries a basket, but ukko is empty handed! In fact, he has his hands in his pockets, quite relaxed. Does Eukko have to always do all the work? They live in a little log mökki, surrounded by forest flowers. Even though they are far apart, and even though they stand on different sides of things, nonetheless, love is the sun that shines on them.

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Ari said...

Ukko must have a foreman position. Nowadays it is vice versa.