Monday, October 19, 2009

a dove's breath

Sadly, I found out tonight Leila Abu Saba, who writes a blog that I read, Dove's Eye View, died earlier this month. She had been struggling with cancer. She was a brilliant writer, a compassionate woman, with an incredible vision. She will be missed. Her particular contribution to this world will be missed by many. She was writing a novel, and has written poetry, short stories, among other writings. Her death notice on her blog notes an excerpt of her inspiring words (below). It is part of a post she wrote, "Hello Kind World," addressed to a despondent online diarist:

"Upon returning from her family home in Lebanon a year ago while living with metastatic breast cancer, Leila wrote:

“So please, friend, bless what you have and let go of fear for the future. Today is the only day you have got. You are breathing. Enjoy your breath. You are alive. Enjoy your life. You have a daughter and parents. Love them. Bless everybody who comes across your path. And the work? Whatever. Bless your work, too. Bless your town, your bills, your possessions. You are lucky to be here for all of it. If some of it gets taken away, well fine, something else will take its place. You are an amazing confluence of billions of variables and nobody else is having your life right this minute.

Enjoy! And don't worry about hope. Just breathe and appreciate your breath. Everything arises from that.”

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Merche Pallarés said...

I'm terribly sorry. It's very sad when a blogger disappears because you do love them in a special sort of way (at least, I do). Last year we lost one of our bloggers and when I found out I was in mourning for several weeks. I still often think of him and miss his posts. Never met him personally but he was an excellent writer and blogger.
May Laila rest in peace. Much love and hugs, M.