Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kauhajoen miehet

This morning I walked a big loop counterclockwise. It was a wonderful warm foggy morning. This is unusual for late October! It felt like spring in the air but of course we have winter on our doorstep, so it is just a trick of nature. I walked to Hillcrest Park,

then down the Bay St. stairs. Sometimes I run these stairs the other way. That's on days when I'm feeling energetic. Today I went down them, walked along Bay St., did not find Urho playing his haitari in front of the Hoito, then continued on my way, turning down the side of the Finlandia Club, and hoho! Ketӓ tӓӓllӓ? who did I see unexpectedly?

The Kauhajoen miehet. The men from Kauhajoki .... or 4 of them, that is.

So, I said in my Finnish murre, this is where the men go to hide?

Well, Kauhajokilaiset (those from Kauhajoki) have to have a meeting somewhere, replied the youngest one. Each of the men are in their late 70s or early 80s.

So, I said, I've come to the right place then! They all laughed.

We're here on this side to enjoy the sun, said the tall skinny one who walks with a limp and always carries dog biscuits in his pocket.

And the sun is shining nicely today, I said.

Are you planning to go to the hituuni tanssit (fancy dance) with the Hyvӓt Herrat? said the man with the gold piping on his cap, pointing to the sign up on the side of the Finlandia Club.

I turned to read the sign. Hyvӓt Herrat, I read out loud. November 13. I don't know them.

They're from Kauhajoki, said the one with the cap like a sea captain.

Hmmph, I said. What if a girl doesn't know how to dance? What if she lost the way to dance because she's become too much like the Kanaatalaaset? (the Canadians). What should she do? How can she go to the dance if she doesn't know how to dance?

The man with the broad face and wool cap said, Isn't it the band that's responsible to get the dance moving?

Everyone laughed.

When the drum strikes, said the man with the cigarette, cutting his arm through the air with a flourish, just jump to it!


Merche Pallarés said...

They seem a jolly group! Lovely smoggy pictures. Hugs, M.

Ari said...

You should have called Urho there with haitari and then start dancing outside.

northshorewoman said...

MP, it is nice to share a laugh in the morning.

ari, I did see Urho today at Hoito coffeebar. Maybe when you come to Canada, you can show us how to dance. I will sweep the sidewalk in front of Hoito.