Tuesday, February 24, 2009

another routine day

Another routine day in the West Bank: arrest. One of many West Bank residents arrested. This Palestinian was shot while bound and blindfolded, Israeli Human Rights group reports.

Another routine day for West Bank residents: Israeli courts. Ofra Ben-Artzi, an Israeli, writes a report of a court case, one of many, translated from Hebrew by George Malent:

"'Khalas': a very common Arabic expression that literally means 'finished', or 'over'. In this context it is used as an interjection to express despair or resignation, and means something like, 'forget it' - trans."

proxy prison...
not only Israeli prisons hold Palestinian prisoners, but also Israel's proxy security forces, i.e. Abbas's police and West Bank prisons do the work for them.

Another routine night of West Bank raids by Israeli soldiers, Palestinians captured, "taken to unknown locations."

Another routine day in the life of people in Ni'lin, West Bank. Feb. 16, 2009.


Julie said...

Does anyone else see the irony in the uprooting of olive trees whose branches have so oten been offered as a symb ol of peace?

northshorewoman said...

that is an interesting reflection. Many have noted that Palestine, and its continuing story of injustice, is "the" symbol of injustices. Other places in the world suffer terribly injustices, too, from Afghanistan to the Congo and Somalia and Iraq, to name a few. Many millions of people have been killed. In the Congo, for example, many millions have been killed in the last few years. Does the world know? or care? And during King Leopold's reign of terror? 10 million. Does the world know of this "Holocaust"? No.

Perhaps because Palestine is centered at the heart of world religions: Muslim, Christian, Jewish--and before those, vibrant pagan spirituality. The Dove, after all, was the bird of the pre-monotheistic Queen/Goddesses. So, too was the sow-pig one of her key symbolic animals. It is no accident that conquering religions have taken the symbols of what came before and either re-invent them as their own (e.g. the cross, Christmas, to name 2) or disparage them as evil and satanic.

The olive tree has an interesting history. Some say it is a holy, medicinal tree that came from Africa. Undoubtedly, it is a life saver tree, providing sustenance and shade. Maybe it is one of the special trees of the East that provided unalienable shelter from all harm for each who went under her arms no matter who the person was, how poor or oppressed, and thus from that spiritual history became a tree of peace?

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