Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sniper school and more

Keffiyah camouflage...that is, Israeli Special Forces Undercover Units. You can go to school to become an Israeli undercover "soldier"--that is, if you are Jewish. It doesn't matter if you live in Tayibe, HaMerkaz Israel or Toronto, Canada, if you are a Jew you can go to school to learn how to take out Palestinians. What if you are a Canadian Jew but you don't have any money? Don't worry, the HESEG foundation will help you, that is, on condition that you are indeed a Jew, get to Israel and learn how to kill. Every time a Canadian visits a Chapters or Indigo Bookstore, their money helps send a Canadian boy to kill Palestinians. Why should our boys just kill Taliban terrorists when they can kill Hamas terrorist? To speed you on your way to become an Undercover Special Forces Soldier in Israel, visit this site for your Undercover Guide and you will be on your way to kill a Palestinian, too.

Undercover is not your style? There are more options at the Israeli Special Forces school. Maybe you dream to become a sniper? Well, you too can have your chance to sniper shoot a child in Gaza by entering the Snipers School.

But you don't have any experience killing so you would like to start at the beginning? Then you should read the Israeli Special Forces Infantry Soldier Guide.

You want more choice? Sniping and undercover are not man enough for you and you know some of the basics because you play World WarCraft constantly? Well, how about entering the Israeli State Terrorist School? You may get a chance to try out your urban guerrilla warfare training in the specially built "Gaza" village, that is, at the new Ground Troop Training Centre (GTTC)! You could do sight-seeing in Beersheba while there, and (pardon the pun!) kill two birds with one stone.

"Built a year and a half ago, the GTTC is a mock Arab village complete with outlying rural areas, a downtown district and a winding maze of streets and alleyways, pregnant with the constant risk of an unexpected close encounter with the enemy."

There are many options to satisfy your urge to get your finger or eye behind some brand new military technologies made in the U.S.A. You can begin by learning all about the latest Optics ; the combination of training at the Israeli Special Forces school and using state-of-the-art US made military technologies will surely help you reach your killing goals.


Merche Pallarés said...

How terribly sad... Hugs, M.

Anonymous said...


great posting. i think it's really important to know more about heseg and the need to boycott chapters indigo. there's a good resource page on the coalition against israeli apartheid (caia) website:

as for you gaby... i'm not sure what the point of your comments are. surely you'd agree that israel is an apartheid state akin to south africa. it's really important to heed the call for solidarity that came in 2005 from over 170 palestinian civil society groups to launch a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions until israel complies with international law.

not sure why you'd attack the writer of this blog for critiquing israeli human rights abuses. pointing to human rights abuses elsewhere is only a tactic to divert attention from the serious and on-going violations of international law. not to do so is simply engaging in anti-arab racism and highly immoral.

i highly recommend reading the works of ilan pappe or visiting the website of the israeli committee against house demolitions (icahd), taayush, and other israeli organizations that work to reverse the israeli government's shameful and racist practices.

Smudge said...

How terribly fascinating.

Now, Miss Thunder Bay Finn, how about a few words as to how Finland was a stalwart ally of NAZI GERMANY?

Anonymous said...

There is no apartheid in israel. The palestinians are arabs/muslims .They chose to bring Hamas to power at the elections , israel warned them that if they would do that, they wouldnt like the outcome of it. Hamas seized power after the elections, wiped out villages of oppossing tribes in gaza and started to attack israel afew months afterward . Look it up on wikipedia before you open your big fat mouth and start talking about things you have no comperhension of. They themselves killed children and women of other tribes just to take power. Israel didnt bother anyone until Hamas started bombing populated neighbourhoods and throwing katyusha's at schools , blowing up disco's and busses. After that, israel built the wall and started their war against TERRORISM! wanna hear an advice? dont talk about something you dont understand, or look at both sides before you take up the palestinians in arms, They knew damn well what would happen once they would bring hamas to power and they got what they deserved. Israel could have wiped out Gaza out of the sky if they wanted to, but they didnt.
They are defending their country and their rights to live.

On a side note , how many muslims do you think populate the world?
Guess....really , guess....Ill tell you : 1.57 Billion!!!
How many jews you ask? less then 15 million.
While israel needs to keep close watch on 2 fronts for its own survival, what does america do? Fight countries for oil , yet you dont rant about that? you are pathetic and naive.

northshorewoman said...

I'm glad my post and my perspectives struck a nerve with you. This shows me that the truth inside my words has a force to rankle those who refuse to engage with justice.

Anonymous said...

It only proves you are delusional ;)

northshorewoman said...

As Tagore said, if no one answers your call, walk alone. I stand on the side of justice.

Anonymous said...

And what justice do you refer to? The fact that Imams allow young palestinians or others to be brainwashed from young age into commiting murder and suicide? The tribal killings innocent children and women? Using women and children as meat shields? The fact that they condone pedophilia from their beliefs? Seems i was right about your delusions after all . You claim you live in Canada, far away from all the troubles in the world, yet you place yourself on a pedestal high above others, claiming you know so much yet in fact you know very little.