Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Obama Regime and Israel

an excerpt from James Petras, Global Research:

"The Obama Regime and Israel

The Obama regime is, if anything, even more penetrated from the top to bottom and from Executive offices to Congress with Zionists in positions to influence every strategic decision having any relation to Middle East policy.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency (January 20, 2009), the principle news agency of American Jewish-Zionist publications, provides a detailed list of the ‘pro-Israel’ Zionists in strategic Middle East positions in the Obama regime. The evidence of Zionist control is overwhelming and the consequences are deadly to any ‘balanced’ peace negotiations and extremely promising for Israel’s war ambitions in the regions:

1. Dennis Ross will be an influential adviser on Iran policy. Ross is an advocate of intensifying sanctions to undermine negotiations and force the military option.

2. Richard Holbrooke, appointed as Obama’s envoy to Afghanistan, is a prominent Zionist who served as UN envoy under Clinton. He has recently headed an ad hoc group called United Against a Nuclear Iran, which advocates military action against Iran if it does not submit to an Israeli-dictated cessation of its legal nuclear energy program.

3. George Mitchell, Obama’s envoy to the Palestine-Israel conflict, is one of the four co-chairs of the Zionist front group, Bipartisan Policy Center, which propose a step by step approach, from sanctions to embargo to naval blockade to a military strike on Iran.

4. Dan Shapiro and Puneet Talwar will collaborate on Middle East policy at the National Security Council. Shapiro, in consultation with Israel, was “key in shepherding the Syrian Accountability Act through the Senate (a measure that imposed tough sanctions on Syria). Shapiro drafted Obama’s cringing, belly crawling speech to the AIPAC conference in Washington on May 2008. Puneet Talwar will handle Persian Gulf issues – including Iran. He was a staffer of former Senator and current Vice President Joe Biden and was a close collaborator and conduit for AIPAC.

5. Eric Lynn is heading for a White House Middle East policy job. He started his career as an AIPAC intern in 1998 and continued as a staff person for Congressman Peter Deutsch, “one of the most committed pro-Israel figures in Congress.” Lynn spent a year in Israel, imbibing Zionist military culture and learning Hebrew.

6. James Steinberg and Jacob ‘Jack’ Lew have been named as Clinton’s deputies at the State Department. Steinberg has been in a ‘strong relation with the pro-Israel community’ and was a conduit for Israeli pressure on Arafat to capitulate to Israeli demands. Jack Law will direct economic stimulus overseas. He is an orthodox-Zionist, who will use American economic resources to back Israeli militarism and reward or punish its adversaries. A former head of a Citigroup investment unit, he holds between $50,000 to $100,000 in Israel State Bonds.

7. Samantha Power, once a critic of Israeli war crimes in 2002 for which the Zionist Power Configuration had her removed from the Obama campaign in March 2008. She was ‘rehabilitated’ and re-incorporated as a member of the Clinton transition team after an ‘abject apology’ to Israel.

8. Cass Sunstein, a lifetime Zion-Lib, is head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs – a key propaganda arm of the Obama regime.

9. Rand Beers was lead national security adviser to Senator Kerry during his presidential campaign of 2004 and ‘built close relations’ with the pro-Israel political apparatus. As adviser to Homeland Security, he will ‘likely be a linchpin as Israel and the US forge a closer alliance’ (Jewish Telegraph Agency January 20, 2009).

10. Lee Feinstein and Mara Rudman are Zionist veterans from the Clinton Administrations. Feinstein is a lead adviser of Secretary of State Clinton and Rudman is Senior Foreign Policy Adviser of President Obama.

11. Susan Rice, UN Ambassador appointed by Obama, signed on to a Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) paper last summer calling for greater Israeli-US coordination for an embargo and military attack on Iran. WINEP is a well-known propaganda mill for Israel’s most fanatical, bellicose and unconditional supporters. In her Senate testimony, Rice denounced the United Nation General Assembly’s criticism of Israel’s Gaza bloodbath.

At the head of Obama’s foreign policy regime, Vice Presiden Biden (“I am a Zionist”), Secretary of State Clinton (“demolish Iran”) and Secretary of Defense Gates (a holdover from the Israeli-dominated Bush Administration) have put in place the most Zionist-infested Middle East policy regime in US history. This regime is neither by background, loyalties or commitments prepared to open serious negotiations with Iran, or to ‘broker’ an end of Israeli occupation of Palestine. On the contrary, their close ties with the Zionist Power Configuration and long-term commitment to Israeli militarism and expansionist policies ensure that the Obama regime will proceed toward collaboration with the Jewish State in a military confrontation with Iran. Everyone on Obama’s team supported the Israeli carnage in Gaza and endorsed Israel’s efforts to destroy the democratically elected Hamas government and prop up the discredited and corrupt quisling clique headed by Abbas.

The Obama Presidency has achieved what many observers thought impossible: It has placed more Zionist in more strategic power positions with a greater commitment to war with Iran than even the Bush Administration. Given Obama’s appointments and his own personal subservience to Israeli leaders it is difficult to imagine the 16 major intelligence services issuing a report refuting Israel’s fabrications about Iran’s nuclear program, as happened under Bush. Even more egregious, given the Zionist stranglehold on the White House, it is unlikely that Obama would block a proposed Israeli air assault on Iran as Bush is reputed to have done."


Merche Pallarés said...

Too much! I had read this in one of my Spanish bloggers and I thought of translating it for you but it was far too long. I'm glad you saw it and have posted it. Not much that we can do, can't we...? Unless, as I keep repeating, North American and worldwide liberal, pacifist JEWS stand up and fight for their rights and not be "kidnapped" by Israeli/American Zionist fanatical power. Only if this happens can we begin to envisage the light at the end of the tunnel... Hugs, M.

marja-leena said...

How depressing!! With such positions of power, the hopes for Palestine and peace in the middle east feel insurmountable. As Merche says...

Aljermi said...

Great post as always!
I just received this link from a friend: Thank CBS 60 Minutes for Exposing Israeli Apartheid

God bless

northshorewoman said...

Merche, Marja-leena and Aljermi, thank you for your comments. Yes, sometimes it does seem that the power is stacked against those needing reparations and justice. But it also does seem that more Jewish and Israeli voices are speaking out and spaces are opening in mainstream media (such as the clip that Aljermi posted, which was made by a Jewish person and aired on CBS, and is a very fair portrayal).

I even read the other day the Ehud Olmert's 2 sons are Refusniks, that is, they refused to join or fight in the Israeli army--and it's mandatory; a conscription. Both live outside of Israel and have been part of peace groups. One of his daughters belongs to a peace group that monitors that behaviour of Isreali soldiers at the checkpoints. And Olmert's wife, this is really unbelievable, was one of the founding members of the Women in Black Jewish women's peace group.

Can this be true? That this state murderer has a family who wish to work towards peace, peace with the Palestinians? It is unbelievable. What is supper table talk like when they get together? Or do they?

That Jewish and Israeli voices are speaking out allows, as I read in a post somewhere but I can't remember where, the timid in the West to speak out, too. Unfortunately, the voices of the Palestinians don't count as much to some people; nor do Arab voices. These are seen as "biased", as somehow less reputable or truth-telling.

This is the racism that infects many of us. That only certain people and groups are seen as credible; that only their ideas and truths are validated.

Merche Pallarés said...

I tried to open ALJERMI's link but it was impossible. No access; which is a shame because I wanted to read it... Today in Spain's "El País" there was a very interesting letter, a Jewish woman from Barcelona, criticizing the Israeli Government. I'll try to post it in my blog. Now, what we need to do is to get Jewish celebs, such as Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen and many others to speak up against these criminals. Hugs, M.

northshorewoman said...

Merche, all you have to do is cut and past the URL into another window, then it will open. It is a video clip of what was shown on CBS.

I will be interested to read what the Jewish woman in Spain has to say. I have been sent many links by friends from all over about Jewish people, especially in Europe (interesting, it seems more in Europe than N.A. are risking to speak out), who are laying bare the atrocities committed in their name and are strongly critical of the Israeli state and its military.

Anonymous said...

It still suprises me to read and see suposedly so called "the religion of peace"Musslems writeing letters of hate for and obout the Jewish state.Many of you are decendents of Abraham ,Isac and Jachob and still you find resons to hate them.if the hole middle east was North America -Isreil would take up ruphly the land the size of New Jersey and doing so you encer God's rath .Don'let your Clerics and Emoms propagate the lies about Christians/Jewes in America hateing you .I am a Christian and i will continue Praying for the veil of hate to lift from your eyes. That the creater would give your leaders wisdom and peace that passes all understanding.He wants you to prospser, love and to live in peace .What has hateing acomplished?